General Purpose Markers

General Purpose Markers

das Curb Markers are stocked  in six solid colors in  2 ½” and 4”  circles.  All are available in both Standard and Duracast Style, reflective or non-reflective.  Use them wherever you’d like to leave a permanent or semi-permanent mark on just about any flat surface.


  • On sidewalks to dilineate boundries for retail vendors.

  • On sidewalks to indicate the position and location of planters, trash receptacles, etc..

  • On the face of concrete islands to avoid accidental vehicle impact. 

  • On road surfaces to indicate gathering spots for parades and events.

  • Markers with numbers for parking enforcement (spot #’s for police to issue tickets).


Stock 4" Diameter Circles

Reflective Pavement Markers

We offer Ray-O-Lite two way reflective pavement markers in White, Blue, Yellow, Red or Green. Adhesive pads are included.






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Stick It & Mark It Permanently!
Since 1983 the das Curb Marker has been used successfully by customers nationally and internationally.
das Curb Markers can be easily installed on most flat surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and metal.

Custom Markers

Custom das Curb Markers can be made in just about any size, shape or color with virtually any message or language. All Custom markers are available in Economark, Standard or Duracast Style. Options such as No-Slip finish, Reflective or Non-Reflective, Numbering, Bar-Coding, to name a few, are available.

The possibilities are endless!

General Purpose Markers