Doo Dot™ Markers
Pet waste is both an aesthetic and environmental problem.  Encourage the proper disposal of pet waste by putting an educational message where it will do the most good.  Our colorful Doo Dot das Curb Markers can be installed on just about any flat non-soil surface using your choice of das Curb Marker Adhesive.  Because they’re das Curb Markers you know that they’re durable.  Doo Dots will serve as a visible yet unobtrusive reminder to pet owners for years to come.
Starter Kits

Everything you need in one convenient package for a special price. 
Your choice of stock markers.

  • 100 Markers
  • (2 ½”) 4 Tubes 5oz. Adhesive or (4”) 6 Tubes 5oz. Adhesive
  • 1 Wire Brush 
  • 1 Fanny Pack
  • 6 Hand Cleaners

  • Stock 2.5" or 4" Circle
    Doo Dot Marker
    Stock 4" Diameter Circles

    Stock 7" Soil Markers

    Place a message directly where pets do their business - in the  grass.  Our das Soil Markers are durable, low profile, and vandal  resistant.  Drive the 13” stake through the center of the 7” soil marker for a bright, highly visible, ground-level message.

    • Fade Resistant: UV stable for maximum color retention.
    • Vandal Resistant: Anchor barbs make removal extremely difficult.
    • Rugged: The marker can be walked on, mowed over and driven on.
    • Temperature Stable: Remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures


    Soil Markers


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    Stick It & Mark It Permanently!
    Since 1983 the das Curb Marker has been used successfully by customers nationally and internationally.
    das Curb Markers can be easily installed on most flat surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and metal.

    das Flyers

    Our colorful 9” das Flyers are available in your choice of three stock designs. Custom colors and imprinting are also available. Have some fun with your best friend and help spread the message.